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Discipline of Authentic Movement

“There is no body without soul, no body that is not itself a form of soul.”                    – Sri Aurobindo

The Discipline of Authentic Movement is . . .

~ An embodied mindfulness practice sourced in mysticism, depth psychology, attachment theory, indigenous healing and dance.

~ A process grounded in the relationship between a mover and a witness.

~ The practice of compassionate witnessing of body movement becoming conscious.

~ A mystical practice centered in the development of embodied witness consciousness.

“Being seen, seeing oneself, seeing another, movers and witnesses move closer to their true nature because of the development of witness consciousness. With increasing trust in themselves and in the discipline, through this mysterious developmental but non-linear process of enduring commitment, individuals can journey from the experience of duality to unity consciousness.” – Janet Adler


Finding one’s own natural movements – which have often been buried under the rational, ordered body-ego for decades – can feel like coming home again . . . in the best sense.

Experiencing the body as holy, intelligent, and alive can be a revelation. . . a rare gift.

Finding a practice that develops mindfulness, compassion for self and other, helps heal attachment wounds and traumas, renews one’s sense of grounding and trust in one’s bodyself, and cultivates witness presence using the wisdom of the moving body as the compass and primary vehicle is often nothing short of a revelation.

Over time, when a Mover practices with a dedicated and experienced Witness, a compassionate, embodied inner Witness grows within the Mover. Memories, sensations, images, symbols, archetypes, postures, gestures, dreams and energetic phenomena arise through the body, because of the body, and may offer profound influence and help for one’s own life and the lives of others.

A Lifetime Practice

Like all true Work, this practice invites time and commitment. There are many embodied awareness practices. Many who choose to commit to the Discipline of Authentic Movement see it asa primary path, as a mystical practice. Time spent practicing deepens the longing to practice as one is led further in and farther on.

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