Movement in Depth is a blog highlighting the Discipline of Authentic Movement as practiced and offered by Lisa Fladager in the US Pacific Northwest.

Lisa offers individual work, groups, supervision, and solo retreats in the Discipline of Authentic Movement as a faculty member of Circles of Four, an international post-graduate program helping learners deepen in their practice of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, potentially leading toward them teaching the Discipline.

Lisa was introduced to Authentic Movement in her dance therapy graduate program in 1982. She began studying and practicing in earnest following a synchronistic event in 1994. Her primary teacher since 2000 has been Janet Adler, with whom she continues to study. She also studied under Tina Stromsted, Joan Chodorow and Neala Haze at the Authentic Movement Institute in the 1990s.  She is pursuing a PhD in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, is a Certified Movement Analyst and Dance-Movement Therapist.

See her Circles of Four Faculty Bio here.

Lisa maintains a Private Practice in embodied depth psychotherapy on Whidbey Island and in Seattle, WA.

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